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    Canton, Ohio Restoration Company

    As a homeowner or a property manager, you know that at any time, disaster could strike, causing great physical damage to your property.

    From issues such as:

    • A burst water line causing a flood
    • A faulty electrical wiring job starting a fire
    • An unseen leak leading to the growth and spread of mold
    • Lingering smoke damage making the air unhealthy to breathe
    • Or an issue that compounds all of these others

    Water Damage and Mold Specialists

    There can be plural problems that can be quite serious and require expert attention. But you should also rest assured that you have already found the area's leading experts when it comes to the mitigation of issues relating to fire and smoke damage, water issues, and mold or mildew colonies.

    We have years of experience helping out people just like you: people who have had a flood in their home and now worry the floors are unstable or that there may now exist a biohazard condition. Or people who have had fires and are afraid that the smoke has left dangerous particulate matter in the walls, ceilings, etc. Or if you have detected the presence of mold or mildew and are not sure if your home is safe to occupy, we have helped folks just like that, too.

    Our goal is to quickly and effectively identify the issues in your home, create a plan to mitigate them, and then repair the damage and restore the property to pristine - and safe - conditions for you and your family. Your home is your castle, so let us keep it safe from foreign invaders like leaks, smoke damage, or the insidious spread of dangerous molds and bacteria.

    We are standing by the phone, ready at all times to spring into action restoring your home into the safe, secure place you and your family deserve.

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