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    Maintaining high quality indoor air is important and can be done as long as you quickly restore your property after a fire, flood or mold problem. Our company offers fire, water and mold damage restoration services to residential and commercial clients throughout Hempstead, New York. Get in touch with us today to have an inspector come to your home or business to assess the damage caused.

    Mold Damage Restoration

    Whether you have an old property with mold infestations or recently had a leak and worry that mold could be present, our team can help you. We have professionals who can inspect your property to see how much mold damage has been done. Then we will provide you with a free quote to have the property cleaned and restored.

    Fire Damage and Smoke Damage Restoration

    It's bad enough that you have to deal with a property in ruins. Restoring your property to like-new is the next step and this can be done with the assistance of the licensed, bonded and insured contractors at our company. We will get rid of all the ash and other hazardous waste and attempt to restore your furniture, floors and walls. Anything that needs to be rebuilt, we can do for you. Having your home or business look presentable is our goal.

    Water Damage Repair

    Water is the element of life, but it can also be a destroyer. When water comes into contact with your furniture and floors for a long period of time, it can cause rot and mold to form. Our experts have water damage restoration skills that will get rid of mold and replenish your property. The quicker you call us after the water damage has been done, the better. Get in touch with 911 Restoration of Hempstead today to receive a free quote for water, fire or mold damage done to your property.

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