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    Water Damage Repair Experts in Huntington

    We are the experts when it comes to restoration and repairs to homes (and other properties) in Huntington that have been damaged by fire or water or are suffering from mold contamination. We make it our business to make your property safe and secure, and to do it quickly and reliably, all while charging a fair price.

    Even small floods or fires can have far reach consequences in the form of water or smoke damage, and even the smallest patch of mold can lead to health complications, and all of these issues can greatly affect the value of your home.

    Certified Restoration Company

    Call us up right away if your property is affected by:

    • Water damage, which can be caused by a leak in the roof, a faulty or damaged pipe, a backed up toilet or sink, or any of a host of other causes. This type of damage can lead to both cosmetic and structural issues, and can even lead to biohazards if left untreated.
    • Mold can spread quickly and can greatly adverse effects on your health and the safety of your home and your family. Left unchecked, mold colonies can grow and spread throughout many regions of your home, including areas like air ducts and between walls where it can be hard to see and even harder to treat. If you have - or suspect you may have - a mold issue, call us up right away to let us help with the abatement.
    • Fire damage can come in many forms: the physical damage caused by flames is only the most obvious. Smoldering flames may have eaten away at areas beyond where you can see clear damage, leaving your property in Huntington less structurally sound. Likewise smoke damage is sometimes obvious in the form of unsightly stains and soot, but may also exist between walls, under floors, etc., where it could lead to respiratory issues, odors, and other problems.

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