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Water Damage Repair Houston – Call Now! (877) 488-7988

Own a property in Houston? Learn about the most common causes of water damage in Houston. The more you know about the potential hazards that can cause an unexpected flood or sewage backup, the better chances you have of spotting water damage before it becomes an emergency. The number one cause of water damage is […]

Water Damage San Diego – water damage prevention tips before a summer getaway

It’s that time of year again. Beaches, backyard burgers, watermelon, and family vacations. Many homeowners are taking trips with their family during the summer months, making sure that they’ve packed enough sunscreen, but forgetting to prevent water damage to their home while they are away. So how does one even begin to prevent water damage […]

Water Damage Bellevue

Have you ever experienced a water damage emergency situation? Water damage is an unexpected incident, and often times, homeowners and business owners are unsure of what to do when the unthinkable happens. It’s always better to prepared. Imagine if you came home and your entire living room was flooded. What would you do? The most […]

Sewage Cleanup Salt Lake City – 911 Restoration of Salt Lake City

The safeness of a building for its inhabitants is largely dependent on the building’s sewage system. Sewage cleanup is an important task because: If sewage is not cleaned for a long time, it clogs the pipes and may cause sewage backups and pipe-bursts. Due to sewage, moisture slowly seeps into the building’s floors and walls, […]

Water Damage San Diego – Water Damage Facts

Do you think you know EVERYTHING there is to know about Water Damage? Take our Truth or False Quiz and Find Out Today! TRUTH OR FALSE? 1. Flooding only occurs in cities that experience rainfall or snow. 2. If water damage is caused by a natural disaster or severe weather systems, homeowner’s insurance will cover […]

Water Damage Seattle

Have you experienced water damage in Seattle? Besides uncontrollable natural disasters caused by a change in weather, like a sudden storm or flood, there are many preventable measures you can take to ensure that your home is safe from water damage in Seattle. Regularly inspect your plumbing for leaks. As soon as you realize that […]

Water Damage in Miami, Florida

Have you experienced Water Damage in Miami, Florida? Whether it was caused by a natural disaster or unexpected human error; a home or place of business with water damage can be overwhelming. As soon as you discover water damage, you must call a professional that specializes in water damage restoration. If you do nothing to […]

Mold Testing in Jersey City, New Jersey

Do you suspect that your home is contaminated with mold? Even if you did know where to start, it might not be possible to find it. If you have small children or elderly family members, it is absolutely necessary to call a professional. Toxic Mold can cause your loved ones to experience unexplained symptoms that […]

Why is Mold Dangerous for homeowners in Washington D.C.?

All it takes for mold to grow is two things: dust or other food sources, and moisture. That means mold grows on wood, paper, carpet, insulation, even metal. Mold can be toxic and dangerous so it is imperative you remove mold as soon as it is seen or smelled. Molds can be dangerous for several reasons. […]

Flooded Home in Providence, Rhode Island – Tips and Safety Measures

So you just came home and found your entire living room flooded. What’s a homeowner  in Providence, Rhode Island to do? Your first instinct is to walk around and assess the water damage. STOP!  1. You must turn off the electricity and gas for safety. Proceed to the electricity meter or the main panel, and […]