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Water Damage West Palm Beach– Leak Detection in West Palm Beach

Many people are very excited when a water damage restoration company in West Palm Beach offers free visual inspections to detect water damage in their home or business. However, it’s important to note that although most of restoration companies offer this service free of charge, very few conduct a thorough investigation of your property using […]

Water Damage Houston – Water Damage Restoration by 911 Restoration of Houston

It doesn’t take long for water damage to begin to destroy your home. The structure of your home can be dangerously compromised as a result of humidity, flooding or sewage problems. Water damage from these incidents can devastate your structure by causing weakening of floors, ceilings and walls. When this happens, it is time to […]

Water Damage San Diego – Water Damage Facts

Do you think you know EVERYTHING there is to know about Water Damage? Take our Truth or False Quiz and Find Out Today! TRUTH OR FALSE? 1. Flooding only occurs in cities that experience rainfall or snow. 2. If water damage is caused by a natural disaster or severe weather systems, homeowner’s insurance will cover […]

Insurance Claims for Water Damage – West Palm Beach, Florida

Many residential and commercial property owners in West Palm Beach are unaware about what type of water damage is covered by their insurance. It is important for you to understand your property insurance policy before it’s too late; you don’t want to wait until water damage occurs to realize that your current insurance doesn’t cover […]

Water Damage Seattle

Have you experienced water damage in Seattle? Besides uncontrollable natural disasters caused by a change in weather, like a sudden storm or flood, there are many preventable measures you can take to ensure that your home is safe from water damage in Seattle. Regularly inspect your plumbing for leaks. As soon as you realize that […]

Water Damage in Miami, Florida

Have you experienced Water Damage in Miami, Florida? Whether it was caused by a natural disaster or unexpected human error; a home or place of business with water damage can be overwhelming. As soon as you discover water damage, you must call a professional that specializes in water damage restoration. If you do nothing to […]

Relief Efforts Japan: How You Can Help

As the nation’s leading Disaster Restoration Company, 911 Restoration™ is doing their part to assist in the relief efforts in #Japan. The devastating #tsunami that struck the country last week as a result of a 9.0 earthquake has left at least 7,000 dead, 10,000 people missing, and billions of dollars in structural damage. 911 Restoration™ […]