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Categories of Water Damage

Water can damage carpet, wood, and foundation if left standing for an extended period of time.  Water damage is placed into one of three different categories: Category 1 – Clean water, Category 2 – Gray water, or Category 3 – Black water. Category 1 is water that starts out clean at the source and does […]

Join Us As We Welcome Fort Worth, Texas to the 911 Restoration Family

Congratulations to our Fort Worth, Texas location on their brand new opening! This location is one of many new locations we expect to open this year as our company continues to prosper and grow. Our goal for 2013 is to open 25 new locations and this is a step in the right direction. We wish […]

Why You Need a Professional Fire Damage Restoration

It is never a good idea to address fire damage in Santa Monica on your own. It most cases, when a fire blazes through the home, the conditions that are left pose serious threats to anyone who tries to enter the home in the aftermath. Both fire and water damage will severely weaken the overall […]

Fire Damage Restoration in St Petersburg

Fire damage in St Petersburg is a devastating experience and even though the most important thing is that everyone is safe, after the initial shock wears off, the stress of the process of restoration can be overwhelming. There are various steps involved in the fire damage restoration process including the initial cleaning up, following through […]

Mold Removal and Remediation

Compile a list of a few companies in Pine Hills that you are considering using and then start making phone calls. Some companies offer free consultations while others will charge a fee. You will also want to have some notes handy with questions you should ask of the company. Such questions should include what their […]

Port Saint Lucie Mold Remediation Experts

Many people that deal with mold in their homes rely on word of mouth for mold remediation services  in Port Saint Lucie and this is a great way to go if you happen to know someone that has used a local company. Referrals tend to be very reliable and you will be able to gain […]

Mold Remediation: How to Find the Best Company

When mold becomes an issue within the home, not only do we need to address the unsightly appearance of it, but most of us know that mold can also cause serious health risks and allergic reactions if it isn’t addressed soon. If you are contending with a mold issue, you should seek the advice and […]

911 Restoration – Sewage Damage Cleanup and Health Concerns

As a homeowner, it’s imperative that you know what to do in case you’re a victim of sewage damage. Attempting to clean up the sewage damage yourself is hazardous and not recommended. If you’re going to try to clean up the sewage damage in your home there a few things you should be aware of […]

Water Damage Repair in Commack

Most homeowners will make a valiant effort to remove all the excess water on their own and then call a restoration company in Commack. This is perfectly fine, and actually a good idea if the company cannot get to you quickly. For severe flooding and damage, it is not recommended however that you go at […]

Water Damage Cleanup in Alexandria

The drying process is the most important in water restoration and repair because any type of moisture that is allowed to hang about within the home will cause further damage to moldings, carpet furniture and other personal belongings. It is also very damaging to any hardwood flooring or tile. One of the other risks of […]