Mold Removal San Diego

Mold removal in San Diego? We all know that mold needs water to thrive. Therefore any responsible homeowner in San Diego has likely already thwarted many potential problem area for mold development just in the upkeep of a good home, meaning leaky pipes or fixtures are repaired, the kitchen and bathrooms are kept clean, the roof is in good repair, and so on. But there are various ways in which moisture can penetrate a home that even a caring, careful homeowner may not think of. Let’s talk about the yard. Do you use a built in sprinkler system? If so, do any of the heads spray onto parts of your house? If you see the telltale greenish, grayish haze left by repeated soakings on the exterior of your home, unfortunately you are creating a perfect breeding ground for mold to spread inside your home. Next take a look at your foundation. If it is old, cracked or crumbling, you are asking for existing groundwater or seeping rainfall to enter your house from underneath. And mold in the crawlspace or basement may go unnoticed for weeks or even months, allowing it to spread far and wide. So remember to look not only around the interior of your home when you inspect for mold or potential mold-causing factors, look around outside too.

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